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Creating a Mindful Birth Experience with an OBGYN, a Midwife and a Doula

Dr. Juline Deen, Karen Wilmot, Lori Bregman - Hosted by Alyssa Scott

Are you curious about the changes happening in your body and the journey ahead?  Feeling nervous or overwhelmed by the birthing options and opinions available to you?  Finding it hard to contain your excitement and feel grounded while riding an emotional rollercoaster?  Our experts are here to provide encouragement and education while sharing ways to foster connection during preparation for your individual birthing experience.

Postpartum Fitness
(Interactive Class)

Desi Bartlett

This informative class is dedicated to you, mama!  Finding the time and personal space to connect with your new postpartum body can be tough with a new family addition.  Let Desi guide you through movements that will not only strengthen and heal your beautiful new body but inspire mindful transformation.

“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food” – Hipprocrates.


Never has this quote been more relevant than today.  Join our professionals while they discuss the foundations of building a healthy lifestyle and navigating common ailments.

Pregnancy & Postpartum Nutrition, Child Nutrition & Healthy Eating Habits and the Importance of a Healthy Gut for Mom and Baby

Jamie Truppi, Danielle Shea Tan, Kitty Martone, Yasmine Moussa - Hosted by Candice Maskell

Supportive Feeding and Sleeping Techniques and the Links Between

Lauren Heffernan, Joanna Kreyling - Hosted by Pamela McGlynn

This panel looks at two of the fundamentals of life – eating & sleeping - which are also two of the most talked about topics of being a mother.  Our panelists breakdown stigmas, myths and the social pressures surrounding feeding techniques and sleeping methods by providing support through evidence-based research.  They will also explore how feeding and sleeping are inevitably linked and develop actionable strategies for a happy, healthy baby and parent.

Baby Massage

(Interactive Class)

Gayle Friedman

Meet Gayle Friedman, aka the Baby Whisper, as she teaches soothing massage techniques for your baby.  Human touch is a biological need which increases oxytocin flow and is instrumental for parent, child bonding and neurological development.

Why Every Mother Should Create a Registry: Things you might not know

Yasmine Moussa, Lucy Murphy, Lindsey Hartsough, Francine Lai

Amazon… Target… Woolworths… Diapers… Wipes… Onesies… and don’t forget the Rubber Duckies!  

Babies = Stuff.  Get the scoop on all the newborn necessities.  Not all products are created equal so our experts will help you establish quality items, share safety tips and prepare for baby with ease.

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